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Buddha Buck blaisepascal at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 14:42:25 EST 2006

Let's see if I understand this...

There can be an unlimited number of "Contributors".
The number of "Leads" is set by the board, presumably based on areas
of activity (i.e., if the board decides the design of PySoy is
essentially in 5 semi-independent pieces, they may declare there to be
five "Leads".
The maximum number of "Directors" is fixed at 5, and must be chosen
from the existing "Leads".

In the scenario that there are 10 leads, 5 of whom are directors, and
one of the directors says "You know what, between my job and my
new-born daughter, I can't really commit as much time to PySoy as I
had been, and I need to step down as director and lead.", I see two
votes being held:  one to replace his position as Developer and one to
replace his position as Lead.

Voting:  I am uncertain of the mechanisms of voting.  Say one lead
says they are willing to step into a directorship.  Do they
automatically "win", or do they have to get 50% of the existing
directors to approve them?  Is voting to raise done by "approval"
(i.e., if there are multiple candidates, can I say "yes" to more than
one, or am I limited to just one)?

On 12/20/06, Arc Riley <arc at pysoy.org> wrote:
> Several changes have been made, explained at:
>  http://arcriley.blogspot.com/2006/12/another-re-org-update.html
> In summary:
>  Leads more important
>  Maintainer signifigantly less important
>  # of Ranks reduced from 5 to 3 for simplification
> Full text of current draft:
>  http://www.pysoy.org/wiki/Ranks
> I think we're getting close to a consensus on this (ie, ready to vote), so
> speak up with comments/concerns in the next day or so.  The sooner we get this
> process over with and back to focusing on the code the better.
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